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Inspired by culture in harmony with nature

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building sustainable cities for a better world.


AbdulElah Al-Mohanna is to be a leading design service provider in KSA that offers hand of technical expertise, Knowledge, Reliable and sustainable urban solutions supporting the efforts promoting vibrant new communities in our design studio, we focus our work and excel our designs in architecture, urban planning, housing and interior design. We also had an extensive experience in designing public spaces, Public buildings, Infra structure, Upgrading, Conservation projects and environment our values exceed quality, Integrity to adopting the high end standards of environment friendly and social sensitive designs..

The philosophy of AbdulElah Al- Mohanna begins with an insistence on design excellence, principal commitment, Superior management and outstanding services to our clients till achieving architectural excellence,where a team of architects are involved in the supervision and design of each project from the initial stages of planning through construction and post construction. AbdulElah Al-Mohanna believes that design emerges from an intensive dialogue with the client, the site, and the program. The integrity between those is the primary goal of our design process. We firmly believe that the architecture response to our client's requirements is the true measure of success of our work.

– Precision                                       – creativity
– the quality                                     – Loyalty and belonging
– Integrity and professionalism        – Participation and cooperation

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